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Table Options
TBL04′ Banquet Table (Seats 4-6)$ 10.50
TBL16′ Banquet Table (Seats 6-8)$ 11.00
TBL28′ Banquet Table (Seats 8-10)$ 12.50
TBL36′ Banquet Bar Top Table ONLY$ 13.75
NEW8′ Banquet Bar Top Table ONLY$ 15.00
TBL46′ Conference Schoolie 6′ x 18″$ 14.00
TBL58′ Conference Schoolie 8′ x 18″$ 15.50
TBL66′ Conference Schoolie 42″ High$ 15.50
TBL724″ Round Cocktail Table 30″ High$ 11.50
TBL824″ Round Cocktail Table 42″ High$ 13.50
TBL936″ Round Cocktail Table 30″ High$ 12.50
TBL1036″ Round Cocktail Table 42″ High$ 14.50
TBL1136″ Square Cocktail Table 30″ High$ 12.50
TBL1236″ Square Cocktail Table 42″ High$ 14.50
TBL1348″ Round Table (Seats 4-6) Available w/Umbrella Hole$ 10.50
TBL1460″ Round Table (Seats 8-10) Available w/Umbrella Hole$ 12.50
TBL1572″ Round Table (Seats 10-12) Available w/Umbrella Hole$ 15.50
TBL1636″ Card Table (Seats 4)$ 10.50
TBL1748″ Square Table (Seats 2-4)$ 10.50
TBL1860″ Square Table (Seats 10-12)$ 15.50
TBL196′ Children’s Table (Seats 8-10 Kids)$ 12.00
TBL20Toddler Table (Seats 4 Toddlers)$ 8.00
TBL21Sweetheart Table Half Moon$ 20.00
TBL22Sweetheart Table Antique$ 66.00
TBL236′ Serpentine Table (Seats Max 4)$ 16.50
TBL248′ Serpentine Table (Seats Max 5)$ 17.50
TBL25Farm Table SM 8′ x 38″$ 80.00
TBL26Farm Table LG 8′ x 64″$ 121.00
NEWGhost Table$ 225.00
SERVICESet-Up & Breakdown Per Table$ 4.50
TBL27Table Number Holder 18″$ 4.50
NEWTable Number Holder 12″$ 2.25

table rentals Tucson-When choosing a table rental for your event keep in mind the shape of the room, the height of the ceiling the number of guest. Choosing a rental table that will seat more people will cut down in the number of linens, center pieces and table ware. Let one of our consultants help with your event, and guide you to the correct table rentals in Tuscon! Don’t forget all the other party rentals in Tucson, A La Carte can help your party be a great success.

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