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Posted on by A La Carte Rentals

We carry enough sets of silverware for up to 1,000 people. When you are planning for silverware you do not need as many dessert forks and coffee spoons as your number of guest. A La Carte rentals will recommend only what you need, we will not rent you what you will not need. Please contact us for your event needs.

Formal Stainless
SW1 Teaspoon $ 0.75
SW2 Bouillon Spoon $ 0.75
SW3 Salad/Dessert Fork $ 0.75
SW4 Dinner Fork $ 0.75
SW5 Dinner Knife $ 0.75
SW6 Steak Knife $ 0.75
SW7 5-Piece Setting $ 3.50
SW8 All Plain Silverware Per Piece $ 0.65
All Silverware must be returned rinsed after food has been scraped off.

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