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GW1Ashtray$ 1.50
GW2Beer Mug 15 oz$ 0.90
GW3Brandy Snifter 12 oz$ 0.90
GW4Water Goblet 12 oz$ 0.90
GW5Highball Glass 12 oz$ 0.90
GW6Irish Coffee Mug 8 oz$ 0.90
GW7Margarita Glass 12 oz$ 0.90
GW8Martini Glass 10 oz$ 0.90
GW9Old Fashion Glass 8 oz$ 0.90
GW10Pilsner Glass 14 oz$ 0.90
GW11Rocks Glass 8 oz$ 0.90
GW12Shot Glass 2 oz$ 0.90
GW13Water Goblet 12 oz$ 0.90
GW14Wine Glass 12 oz$ 0.90
GW15Wine Glass 16 oz$ 0.90
All Glassware must be returned rinsed after beverages have been emptied out.

When you rent glassware, we recommend the goblets as a versatile glass that can be use for water, ice tea, beer, mix drinks, etc, you also plan on getting at least 2 glasses per person to have plenty for your event. For recommendations on quantities and to get the appropriate glassware, contact one of our rental specialists.

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