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B1Bar Stool Chrome w/Black Cushion$ 13.50
B2Kegerator 1 Keg$ 100.00
B3Kegerator 3 Kegs$ 300.00
B4Bar L Shape w/Glass Top 4′$ 65.00
B5Bar Cambro w/Ice Bin 5′$ 110.00
B6Bar LED Acrylic w/Ice Bin$ 240.00
B7Bar Metal 5′$ 105.00
B8Bar Serpentine 2 Ice bins and 2 Ice scoops with Black Skirting$ 115.50
B8.58′ Bar Table, 2 Ice bins and 2 Ice scoops with Black Skirting$ 105.00
B9Beer Bar Wood w/Kegerator$ 160.00
B10Trough Wood Table for Beverages$ 65.00

Don’t forget to ask about ice chest, extra bar tables, cocktail tables, bar stools, glassware and cocktail trays. We like for you and your guest to enjoy your event, if you need Bartender service or servers we can give you a referral to one of our industry partners. Please keep on mind to drink responsibly and don’t let your guest drink and drive, a designated driver is always a good idea. Cheers and have a great time! Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

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