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Baby Shower Checklist

1 Baby Shower

Two month before the Baby Shower

___Create the baby shower guest list
___Determine a budget for the baby shower
___Set the date of the baby shower
___Decide on the baby shower location

One month before the Baby Shower

___Decide on the baby shower theme
___Select and mail the baby shower invitations
– include directions
___Create and e-mail invitation
___Plan for the baby shower menu

Three weeks before the Baby Shower

___Order a the baby shower cake
___Order balloons and flowers if they are planned decorations
___Order tables, chairs, linens and decorations. also request a day early delivery Click here for Quote request
___Order any other special entertainment or surprises

Two weeks before the Baby Shower

___Buy baby shower decorations, game prizes and party favors
___Items to rent or buy:
___Chafing dishes or serving plates
___Tables and chairs
___Cups or glasses
___Eating utensils or silverware
___Tent and Lighting may be necessary for outside sites
___If you are getting the food from a Caterer or Restaurant finalize the baby shower menu
___Plan which baby shower games you want guest to play

One week before the Baby Shower

___Establish a final count on your baby shower guest list
___Call invited guests who have not RSVP’d to the baby shower
___Wrap baby shower game prizes and party favors
___Get camera and video recorder ready and buy any necessary batteries
___If you’re hosting the baby shower at a home, begin to clean the home
___Prepare a printed baby shower menu, table assignments and name tags (if desired)
___Buy your baby shower gift for mommy-to-be

The day before the Baby Shower

___Begin decorating if you’re hosting the baby shower at a home – you will need tape and scissors
___Set up tables, chairs, food table, drink table, etc. if you’re hosting the baby shower at a home
___Buy baby shower drinks if you’re hosting the baby shower at a home
___If you’re cooking anything for the baby shower, do whatever you can today
___If you are baking the baby shower cake, today is the day
___Get the baby shower games ready – make sure you have plenty of pencils
___Prepare a timeline for the day of the baby shower so that you stay on schedule.
The timeline should include last minute tasks before the baby shower begins and a schedule
to keep the party on track (baby showers are generally 2 to 3 hours)
Double-check that every item on the checklist before “The Day of the Baby Shower” is done

The Day of the Baby Shower!

___Follow your baby shower timeline to stay organized and calm
___Pick up balloons, flowers and/or other centerpieces if you have ordered them
___Pick up the baby shower cake if you are not baking it yourself
___Finish setting up baby shower decorations and put party favors out on a table
___Buy plenty of ice for drinks and setup up drinks and cups
___Set out food on tables if you’re hosting the baby shower at home
___Designate certain guests to take pictures and video of the baby shower
___When mommy-to-be is opening baby shower gifts, keep trash bags close by
___Write down the baby shower gifts and who they were given by – use the Invite/RSVP
list to make sending thank you cards easy for mommy-to-be
Have fun and rest assured that you have planned a wonderful day for mommy-to-be!

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Baby Shower Checklist

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