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40 x 100 Tent

40 x 100 Tent

Decorated Gazebo

Decorated Gazebo

Large Tent

Large Tent

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A La Carte Rentals Searching for: Tent rental Tucson or Tent rental Arizona has brought you to our site, we carry over 200 tents and canopies and they resist wind load up to 50 MPH, with proper setup including staking and tie-downs. Our versatile system can be set up according to your needs with minimal parts and configurations, with heavy duty poles and fitting system assures the safety of your guest, the tent tops can be expandable in length. For example a 20’ x 20’ can be made in two pieces to make a 20’ x 20’, 20’ x 40’ and so on. Our leg sizes can be adjusted to accommodate your needs and base plates are available to protect your surfaces. A multiple variation of sidewall styles are available; standard solid, cathedral windows, clear panels and mesh.


Our tents have been treated with flame retardant and are registered with the California state fire marshal, certificates are available upon request.

Electric Power:

If electricity is required client is responsible to deliver power to the tent, if A La Carte Rentals needs to bring the power to the tent an additional charge will apply for the rental of any additional cabling and installation.


Our standard anchoring is done with stakes to the ground. Water barrels are available for rent for an extra charge client needs to provide a faucet with in 200 feet of the tent to be able to supply water for the barrels. Please inquire on the barrels rental cost.


A permit may be required by the city or fire department of the location where you need your tent and different cities have different standards for example if you need your tent in Tucson you may not need a permit if the size is 20’ x 40’ or smaller. That may change depending on the specific location. A La Carte Rentals is NOT responsible for obtaining your tent permit, you may call your city hall and find out what are the specific requirements for your event. We have provide you the following contact information to assist you in obtaining your permit keep on mind that the permits require between 7 to 15 days depending of the city, please allow enough time for you to obtain your permit. A La Carte Rentals will process your permit for an additional fee, please call to inquire.

Insurance Certificate:

In order to maintain a low and competitive pricing, we have elected to go with an insurance carrier that charges us for each Insurance Certificate that they issue us. If you want or need an insurance certificate that includes your name a $100.00 (One hundred dollars) additional fee is required per event. Please rest assured that we maintain our insurance current and that your event is always covered. A Commercial General Liability Insurance policy is place.

Tent Sizes

Tuscon Tent Rentals 10 x 10

10 x 10

Tuscon Tent Rentals 10 x 20

10 x 20

Tuscon Tent Rentals 10 x 30

10 x 30

Tuscon Tent Rentals 10 x 40

10 x 40

Tuscon Tent Rentals 10 x 50

10 x 50

Tuscon Tent Rentals 20 x 20

20 x 20

Tuscon Tent Rentals 20 x 30

20 x 30

Tuscon Tent Rentals 20 x 40

20 x 40

Tuscon Tent Rentals 40 x 40

40 x 40

Tuscon Tent Rentals 40 x 60

40 x 60

Tuscon Tent Rentals 40 x 80

40 x 80

Tuscon Tent Rentals 40 x 100

40 x 100

Tuscon Tent Rentals 20 x 30

Octagon 10 x 10

Tuscon Tent Rentals 20 x 40

Octagon 10 x 20

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