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Beverage Containers

FE1Beverage Tub – Copper or Silver$ 14.50
FE2Beverage Tub – Copper or Silver (3-Pack 80 Cans)$ 36.50
FE2-AChampagne Bucket$ 11.00
FE3Champagne Fountain 3 Gallon$ 80.00
FE4Champagne Fountain 5 Gallon$ 90.00
FE5Champagne Pontrelli Fountain 7 Gallon$ 100.00
FE6Dispenser Blue Ceramic w/Spout$ 23.00
FE7Dispenser Clear Glass w/Spout$ 19.00
FE8Dispenser Clear Plastic w/Spout$ 12.75
FE9Dispenser Insulated Thermo-vat w/Spout$ 28.50
FE10Ice Bucket Metal w/Scoop$ 4.00
FE11Ice Chest 80 QT$ 25.50
FE12Ice Chest 150 QT$ 38.50
FE13Igloo Cooler w/Spout$ 11.50
FE15Kegerator 1 Keg$ 195.00
FE16Kegerator 3 Keg$ 300.00
FE17Trough 90 Gal 4′ x 3′ x 2′$ 38.50
FE18Trough 200 Gal 8′ x 3′ x 2′$ 66.00
FE19Water Pitcher Glass$ 2.50
FE20Water Pitcher Plastic$ 1.50
FE21Wine Bucket$ 11.00
FE22Wine Bucket Stand$ 5.50

To keep your beverages at the right temperature we have a variety of alternatives from 1 chilled bottle to 300 or to keep your coffee hot and fresh from a few cups to 60 cups. Keep on mind that we are always adding to our inventory, so if you don’t see it. Call or e-mail to inquire. A La Carte Rentals is always here to serve you.

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Beverage Containers

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