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Keep in mind that for this exclusive property the Ground fees start at $5,000.
Please include the type of event that you are having, the date and the number of guests that you are expecting with your invitation request

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Private Residence by Invitation Only

If you are thinking of using a venue, hall, resort, wedding site or location in Tucson, you may have left out another option. Did you know that private residences can be use for hosting a wedding or event by invitation only? Since they are not an official venue, you need to be invited by the owner directly. On this page we have listed some amazing properties that you could request to be invited to tour and consider them for your event. There are ground maintenance fees and some extra costs associated with the use of these properties. Once you are invited and if you like the location for your event, we can discuss in more detail the costs associated with the residence of your choosing.

A La Carte Rentals can help finding a site for your wedding or event. We will make all the necessary arrangements and coordinate with the event planner. We also have developed strategic partnerships with Tucson caterers, florists, bartenders, disc jockeys, musicians, valet services and other event providers that work great with our already established party rental business. The only services that you will have to work with are bridal shops, formal wear and hotels for your out of town guests. Let A La Carte help you to create unforgettable memories.

We feature a stunning private residence, a mansion with passion. Rancho Valle Milagro, meaning “Miracle Valley Ranch” is a luxurious 21 acre exclusive equestrian estate in the flourishing east valley of Tucson, Arizona.

Surrounded by lush mesquite trees the breathtaking Mediterranean mansion on the hill is an elegant oasis. The tranquil beauty of Rancho Valle Milagro is the perfect setting in which to entertain your family, friends, and clients, ensuring a unique and memorable experience. The variety of beautiful settings in one location make this an ideal environment for everything from an evening of intimate get togethers to unique corporate events.

So here is what you need to do to request an invitation follow this LINK, complete a brief questioner and simply send your invitation request. We will let you know if you are invited and what dates are available. Keep in mind that all inclusive packages have minimum budget requirements.

Baby Shower Checklist

Baby Shower Checklist

Two month before the Baby Shower

___Create the baby shower guest list
___Determine a budget for the baby shower
___Set the date of the baby shower
___Decide on the baby shower location

One month before the Baby Shower

___Decide on the baby shower theme
___Select and mail the baby shower invitations
– include directions
___Create and e-mail invitation
___Plan for the baby shower menu

Three weeks before the Baby Shower

___Order a the baby shower cake
___Order balloons and flowers if they are planned decorations
___Order tables, chairs, linens and decorations. also request a day early delivery Click here for Quote request
___Order any other special entertainment or surprises

Two weeks before the Baby Shower

___Buy baby shower decorations, game prizes and party favors
___Items to rent or buy:
___Chafing dishes or serving plates
___Tables and chairs
___Cups or glasses
___Eating utensils or silverware
___Tent and Lighting may be necessary for outside sites
___If you are getting the food from a Caterer or Restaurant finalize the baby shower menu
___Plan which baby shower games you want guest to play

One week before the Baby Shower

___Establish a final count on your baby shower guest list
___Call invited guests who have not RSVP’d to the baby shower
___Wrap baby shower game prizes and party favors
___Get camera and video recorder ready and buy any necessary batteries
___If you’re hosting the baby shower at a home, begin to clean the home
___Prepare a printed baby shower menu, table assignments and name tags (if desired)
___Buy your baby shower gift for mommy-to-be

The day before the Baby Shower

___Begin decorating if you’re hosting the baby shower at a home – you will need tape and scissors
___Set up tables, chairs, food table, drink table, etc. if you’re hosting the baby shower at a home
___Buy baby shower drinks if you’re hosting the baby shower at a home
___If you’re cooking anything for the baby shower, do whatever you can today
___If you are baking the baby shower cake, today is the day
___Get the baby shower games ready – make sure you have plenty of pencils
___Prepare a timeline for the day of the baby shower so that you stay on schedule.
The timeline should include last minute tasks before the baby shower begins and a schedule
to keep the party on track (baby showers are generally 2 to 3 hours)
Double-check that every item on the checklist before “The Day of the Baby Shower” is done

The Day of the Baby Shower!

___Follow your baby shower timeline to stay organized and calm
___Pick up balloons, flowers and/or other centerpieces if you have ordered them
___Pick up the baby shower cake if you are not baking it yourself
___Finish setting up baby shower decorations and put party favors out on a table
___Buy plenty of ice for drinks and setup up drinks and cups
___Set out food on tables if you’re hosting the baby shower at home
___Designate certain guests to take pictures and video of the baby shower
___When mommy-to-be is opening baby shower gifts, keep trash bags close by
___Write down the baby shower gifts and who they were given by – use the Invite/RSVP
list to make sending thank you cards easy for mommy-to-be
Have fun and rest assured that you have planned a wonderful day for mommy-to-be!

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