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Cooling & Heating

Evaporative Coolers Rentals and Sales, Large Cooling Fans, Misting Fans, Portable Air Cooler in Tucson, Arizona. You can compare the price and quality of our Monster-Kool® units to Port-A-Cool® Our highly efficient portable units provide cooling capacity up to 10,000 Cubic feet per minute. Great for cooling: Parties, outdoor weddings, outdoor events, sporting events, warehouse cooling. Click this link to see photos: Cooling Units
About our units:
* Portable air coolers * Evaporative cooling
* Direct drive * High Efficiency * Up to 10,000 CFM (Cubic feet per minute)
* Low operating cost * Easy Maintenance * Simple Instalation
For RENT or FOR SALE! Would you like a free quote? A La Carte Party Rentals Tucson is a click away! Plan your Tuscon AZ event rentals today!

The weather in Tucson, AZ can be unpredictable, and your event needs to be protected if it is 110 degrees or 30 degrees. A La Carte Rentals are ready to help you to cool down your event or when it gets cold we have plenty patio heaters to ensure that your guests enjoy you event.

C&H1 Evaporative Cooler 42″ w/25′ Cord $ 195.00
C&H2 Evaporative Cooler 36″ w/25′ Cord $ 175.00
C&H3 Industrial Fan 30″ w/Mist System w/25′ Cord $ 50.00
C&H4 Hose 100′ $ 10.00
C&H5 Two-Way Hose Split $ 2.00
C&H6 Three-Way Hose Split $ 3.00
C&H7 Patio Heater 80,000 BTU w/Out Propane Tank $ 70.00
C&H8 Tent Heater 50,000 BTU w/Out Propane Tank $ 125.00
C&H9 Tent Heater 80,000 BTU w/Out Propane Tank $ 150.00
C&H10 Tent Heater 170,000 BTU w/Out Propane Tank $ 250.00
C&H11 Tent Heater 250,000 BTU w/out Propane Tank $ 275.00
C&H12 Propane Tank 5 Gallon $ 45.00
C&H13 Propane Tank 20 Gallon $ 115.00
C&H14 Construction Heater w/Propane Tank $ 90.00

Would you like a free quote? A La Carte Rentals is a click away! Plan your Tuscon AZ event rentals today!


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Cooling & Heating

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